Visits & Activites

Discover all the leisure activities around the Domaine Langelet

Two walking circuits start from the house

  • First, the walk ” Comme un air de causses”: fresh air moment in the oak trees and meadow – 2,5 km.
  • Second hike time “”Sur les traces de Gaudentius“: follow the way of Gaudientius and feel the magic at the top of the hill by a 180-degree land views

Fond other countryside walks on Tarn tourism website “Tarn tourisme.”

Visit Mathieu Apiary, beekeping sphere

Dicover the small bee world, start from the hive to the farm products

Visite and training lessons on demand with “Mathieu Apiary”, located at 15 walk distance.

Places to discover

Much mor experiences on the Tarn tourisme /Tourisme Vignoble & Bastides websites

The Pastel-land (blue gold)
Albi, the red place.

Towns house innumerable treasures of architecture the episcopal city of Albi classified by UNESCO 45km / 37″

Arts and crafts villages
The Vineyard villages
The little villages perched
Castres and the black Montain
The rocks of the Sidobre

Unique geologocal in Europe to discover 56 km / 50″

Many others activities

  • The Jardin des Martels (10km / 12″) :

    Is an English-style floral , stretching over nine acres and classified as with exhibiton of 2500 diversity ooof plants  you’ll find all kinds of gardens from all around the world.

    More informations
  • Golf des étangs de Fiac (15km / 17″) : A 18 holl golf courses above the ponds for all the level More informations
  • Giroussens Forest (11km / 20″) : By foot or by horse, a green environment as heaven of wood nature. A footwalk in Giroussens wood

Not Far from the Tarn

  • Toulouse (link tourism office) Place du Capitole 52km 50″
    • Enyoy Toulouse ” the Rose city” with Granhòta  by foot or on the water!
  • Montauban (link tourism office) Place Nationale 65km 1h05
    • Dicover Montauban ” The great an sweetie pink city” with Granhòta  team!
  • Carcassonne (link tourism office) Cité de Carcassonne 89km 1h30