Welcome to the Domaine Langelet, a growing domain.Located in Tarn, France, heart of the Occitanie region, between the Cocagne “pays” and the Gaillac vineyard.

Come and enjoy a sweet break with friends or family in a green and natural landscape of south France.

Discover our first accomodation “Le Terrier”.

“Renature Yourself” From 195€
Breakfast is included for staysup to 3 nights, beyond which it is optional.
Take advantage of preferential rates from 4 nights (-15 to -20%).

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“Renaturez vous” Return to nature

A developing domain

In the heart of the domain open to the countryside, stay at the rhythm of nature in unusual and unique accommodations, integrated into the Tarn hills.

This project aims to find the right sustainable balance between preserving and inproving the area through its unique amenities and accommodations. In addition, the Domaine is part of a global integration process into the existing rural heritage by forging links with local actors and producers

Located in Tarn, France, the Domaine is making advantage from an exceptional heritage environment including 4 sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. At the Tarn gates, the rest of the Occitanie region offers a wide variety of landscapes and heritages places, from the Pyrenees to the Massif Central via the Canal du Midi leading to the Mediterranean Sea.

By staying at the Domaine Langelet, you will create memories in a cosy and private area respecting the past, present and future of our environment.

Unique accommodations in wilderness

The Domaine will evolve around tens unique and integrated accommodations into the 3 hectares of nature, modular reception areas and diversified outdoor facilities suitable for all.

Your first steps in the Domaine Langelet lead you to the main esplanade, heart of the domain.

Open your eyes to the pond, then the valley combining forests and polycultures.

After a small walk, go through the natural veins of the area to reach your unique accommodation.

At the bend of the path, from the other side of the domain, take a pause and open your gaze on the meadows, terraces gardens and forests that the domain offers.

See you soon at the Domaine Langelet. Meanwhile, follow us on socials medias and do not hesitate to enrol below with your email address to be informed of developments of the Domaine.